Monday, January 31, 2011


Hello everyone! It's February! It's the month full of love! Not only it's Valentine's Day, it is also Chinese New Year! So I'm all happy and exciting about all the celebrations I'll have! When it comes to love, one of the best way is to make you love ones some cute lovely cards, don't you agree with me? :)

I've came up with a set of digital stamps with of love - Meaning of love. It is for sale for $4.95.
I wanna get it!

It is so sweet for Jordan to give Candace a ride on a tricycle! This stamps is available in a single digi for $.2.50 I wanna get it now!

Melissa couldn't wait to get her hands on these stamps! Look at what she came up with! such a lovely card!

I hope you like this new stamp set as much as I do! Have a Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!

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