Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ladybug and Clown

Good morning everyone =) Today I'm sharing 2 of Lorraine's cards with you. Both of them are lovely! I gotta say I specially Love the clown card! The coloring is awesome! I love bright colors and that card totally caught my attention! Lorraine has made the Clown card with the CCM Sketch #13. Good take Lorraine =)

A friendly reminder that the sketch #13 challenge is ending in 7 days!! Don't miss your chance to win some FREE CCM stamps!

Designer: Lorraine
Sketch Used: CCM Sketch #13
Stamp Used: Clown Candace / Happy Carnival

Here's the second card from Lorraine. Cute ladybug girl surrounded by flowers and butterflies. It is such a sweet card. The black crossed ribbon is brilliant!

Designer: Lorraine
Stamp Used: Ladybug Costume / Costume Set

Monday, August 30, 2010

Get ready for Halloween!

Good morning everyone! It's the last day of August and Halloween is getting close! It's not too early to start preparing for the fun and spooky day. Jane has made a super pretty card with the new CCM Halloween stamp set! I LOVE all the detail on the card! Even the background is so pretty! Love the spider webs! Everything makes the little birdy extra cute!

Designer: Jane
Stamp Used: Happy Halloween

Kerry is super creative! She made these little containers with the Bee Costume Stamp. I can imagine giving out candies with these cute containers will make trick or treat extra exciting!!

Designer: Kerry
Stamp Used: Bee Costume / Costume Set
We have lots of things going on this week! New Halloween Stamps, Sketch Challenge and Grand Opening Sale! Follow our blog so you won't miss anything =)


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Page will refresh and you will see your discounted total. Click NEXT to check out.

That's all! Please make sure you are doing these steps correctly. CCM will not refund the difference if you check out and paid without applying the discount code correctly. Please double check the total before you pay. Enjoy the sale and have fun with the stamps everyone! Spread the Chi Chi Love by spreading the words about this sale event!


Happy Monday Everyone! We have 2 good news to share with you this morning! First one will be the new release for this week! We have a super cute Halloween Stamp set released today! We have Little Bear hiding in the pumpkin, Birdy with a witch hat, "scary" blood sucking bat and cute puppet ghosts!!Here's my first card for this stamp set! 3 cute witch birdies!! It took me so long to make this card. I curled up the green paper and punch out the spooky cats and used them like ribbons. I really like how it turned out, the only thing is....hmm it's not spooky after all... kinda cute.. lol. I hope you will like this card too. The Halloween Stamp Set is for sale for only $4.50!!

Another happy news for this week is CCM is having a GRAND OPENING SALE event on Sept 4th and Sept 5th!! Please click on the image below to view more detail about this fabulous sale! =)

I hope the new stamps and the news will bring you a smile for today... =P
Have a great day!

Friday, August 27, 2010

IF - Immovable

Hi everyone! Sorry for the late post today. This drawing took me way longer than I thought. It took me 4 hours to draw this illustration. I wonder why it took me so long. lol.. anyways... This week's topic is Immovable. I would also like to name this illustration Tangled by hearts(in a good way... lol). I will consider making this into digital stamp... what do you think? =)

Hope you like it....have a great weekend! =)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sweet honey sweet

Good morning everyday! Today I'm showing my down card! I really love this card because its so colorful, it makes me happy when I look at it =) I used the honey jar image from the Costume Set. I finally bought a white pen, I always wanted to but for some reason I kept forgetting about it when I was at the crafts store?? I love stitches! So, YAY I can finally add white stitches and highlight to the images! =)

Designer: Natalie
Stamp Used: Honey Jar in Costume Set

I hope you will like this card as much as I do =)
Have a SWEET day!

cute note pad

Good day everyone! Summer is almost over and it's back to school time!! Honestly I didn't realize summer is ending soon because the weather just started to get hot!! What a short summer! So I noticed it's September soon because Jane has made this project. She told me she has made this note pad for a kindergarten teacher!! This is such a lovely gift! I would be so happy if I get to receive a cute gift like this one. I will probably start drawing on it right away! =)

Designer: Jane
Stamp Used: Strawberry Costume / Costume Set

I hope you like this project as much as I do. Please don't forget to join the CCM Sketch challenge! You may win a Free sympathy stamp set!! click here

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sweet Bee, Sweet Bear

Good morning everyone! It's Monday again! Everybody is back to work!! I'm so tired to wake up too, I didn't really sleep late, I guess it's Monday, that's why I'm tired.. lol

Lorraine has made 2 cards for us this week! They are very similar in layout but each has different feel to it. Love the colors a lot! Specially Little Bear, I love the purple. Thank you for the sweet card Lorraine =)

Designer: Lorraine
Stamp Used: Specially for you / Sympathy Collection

And here's Jordy the Little Bee!! This stamp is good for every kind of card. This "best wishes" card is truly "sweet as honey"!

Designer: Lorraine
Stamp Used: Bee Costume / Costume Set

Friday, August 20, 2010

IF - Atmosphere

I woke up this morning to check out the IF new topic.. and I went on my mac to start drawing right away. This week's topic is Atmosphere. At first I planned to draw Little Bear in the forest wondering around, but that will look too much like Alice in Wonderland doesn't it? lol.... When I started drawing in the bushes, I thought it will actually look amazing if the bushes turns into colorful clouds!! I also turned the trees into clouds. Cloud high up and below! Today is a sunny day so I added a big round sun too. It is a happy atmosphere =)

I hope you like it =)

Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Super sunny day today and I've been drawing since I woke up! Happy day - colorful day! Take a look at Audrey and Kerry's colorful cards and I'm sure they will add some extra smile on your face! =)

Designer: Audrey
Stamp Used: Summer Fun Candace / Summer Fun Stamp Set

Designer: Kerry
Stamp Used: Strawberry Costume / Costume Set

I will have another post in a few minutes for the IF drawing! Have a great day!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jordy's Wardrobe

Good morning everyone! It's a rainy day today but we haven't had rain for awhile.The sky is super gloomy but that's ok, I'll still have happy day today. =)

First thing that makes me happy this morning is seeing Yenni's card on the new stamp! She has unlimited creativity. Jordy should feel happy now because he has a wardrobe! Please don't spoil Jordy too much now... lol

Designer: Yenni
Stamp Used: Apple Costume / Costume Set

I hope these pictures give a smile on your face too.. =) have a great day!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Send you some love

Freddie is sending out love today!! Have you check your mail box? You might find some love in yours too! hehe. I've made this card for a very special friend. It's a business size card, very tiny. Inside has a lot detail too, but I forgot to take a photo before writing the message on it.. haha :P
This card is to thank my special friend for all of his support and always believing in me!!

Stamp Used: Sending you love / Sympathy Collection 1

And now, PWCO's 4th challenge from the SUMMER ULTIMATE CHALLENGE! CCM is proud to be their sponsor for this event! You can receive a Freddie stamp for free to play their challenges!

Here's a cute card made by Kerry:
Stamp Used: Always by your side / Sympathy Collection 1


Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I was looking through the IF old topics and saw the previous one quite interesting. An image immediately popped up in my mind so I had to draw it out...

The topic for this illustration is "Caged"

Would you rather be caged...if you may stay high above the land and see anything you wish you see below your feet?

well... the cage door is unlocked... hehe. It's Chi Chi in this illustration! Haven't seen her for awhile....another night scene, hope you like it. =)

Buzz, buzz, buzz

Morning everyone! It's Jordy the little bee again! He's out to collect some sweet. Sweeeet!! It can be honey... or... he is looking for Candies!! Jordy is definitely going to be a Bee for this Halloween!!

You can also use this cute image for other purpose. Take a look at Jane's card. She made a cute greeting card with this cute little bee!

Designer: Jane
Stamp Used: Bee Costume / Costume Set

Don't forget about PWCO's ULTIMATE SUMMER CHALLENGE! CCM is sponsoring their event by providing FREE stamps to players. There are different challenges every day. Take a look at Jane's project for one of PWCO's challenges:

Monday, August 16, 2010

my first IF drawing..

I know about Illustration Friday for quite a long time already. I joined their group on Flickr and love seeing how everyone is inspired by their weekly topic. This week's topic is "Star Gazing"... I had an urge to draw my first Illustration Friday project after I saw the topic. Last week I was talking to a good friend of mine about how I wish there's a forest just like the one in Avatar with glow in the dark plants... and there will be fireflies all over the sky with millions of stars shining at me... So this is what I came up with...


Hope you like it... :)


Hi Everyone!! It's stamp release day again!! It's nearly the end of Aug, so I think it's right about time to make some stamps for Halloween. I've decided to make some costume for Jordy and Candace. I've thought of making vampire and witch costume, but I've decided to make something that can also be used during the year. So finally I've designed some cute insect and fruit costumes for them:

Here's my first card. I've made a halloween card with the Bee costume stamp. Obviously my card is inspired by the bee's black and yellow strips.. hehe

Designer: Natalie
Stamp Used: Bee Costume / Costume Set

Now don't forget about the PWCO ULTIMATE SUMMER CHALLENGE!! CCM is proudly sponsoring this huge event! You may play their challenges with a Freddie Stamp for FREE! Of course there will be lots of irresistible prizes for you to win!

Yenni has made a project with today's PWCO challenge! Isn't that the cutest card? Look at the Freddie Pattern bandages!! I love them!!

Designer: Yenni
Stamp Used: Always by your side / Sympathy Collection 1

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Good morning everyone!!! We are so happy to become the sponsor of
Paperworks Co.'s Ultimate Summer Challenge 2010!

They are having a 4 days challenge event starting from TODAY! CCM is so proud to be their sponsor for this super special challenge. We will be sponsoring their challenge with "Always by your side" digital stamp.

CCM's DT is also participating in the challenge by making beautiful samples to show you all. Here's the first card made by Lorraine.

Please hop over to PAPERWORKS CO. to see the detail of the challenge and more projects! It is going to be so much fun for the upcoming 3 days! They will have irresistible for the winner so

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Little Bear is always by your side

Good morning everyone! It's the second day on this new blog. I'm loving it so far! Now I understand why so much people are using blogger! :)

If you haven't got a chance to take a look at my new shop, please do! You can now download your digital stamps right after you make your purchase. It's so much more convenient . Visit CCM SHOP

Looks like Little Bear is getting quite popular, so I've made a card with Little Bear's Specially for you stamp. I wanted to make it with more layers and a little bit of dimension. So I've decided to add a thick strip across the card with ribbon wrapped around it. Here are a few photos of my work process:

Designer: Natalie
Stamp Used: Specially for you / sympathy collection 1

Have a great weekend everyone and I hope you enjoy browsing through the new CCM Shop. :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Hello everybody! I'm finally back to blogging! As you can see Chi Chi Memories has been going through a HUGE renovation!! We have new shop, new blog, new challenge blog! The reason of all these changes is because of the new shop that I've put up. I wanted to make a shop that is more convenient for customers. Unfortunately putting up a pretty shop has caused a lot of minor problems. I had problem with my old blog's linking and that's why I haven't been able to doing any blogging for the past week. It was a pain to find a solution so finally I've decided to move the blog to Blogger! I actually have always wanted to move the blog to Blogger since most of the crafters are using Bloggers or Wordpress. This way we are easier to interact! I hope everyone will enjoy my new blog!

I've also FINALLY fixed the uploading problem I've had with the new online shop. I wasn't able to upload the digital stamps, but they are working fine now! Now you can download the digis right after your purchase! I'm so happy that everything seems to be getting together =) Here's a screenshot of my shop!! TA-DA!!! http://www.chichimemories.com

Let's not spend too much time talking! We've miss out a lot last week! My DT has been making beautiful cards and I really appreciate their time and effort they've put on the CCM projects. Let's take a look:

Designer: Kerry
Stamp Used: Always by your side
super cute sympathy gift. I would love to receive one when I'm in a down mood. =p

Designer: Lorraine
Stamp Used: Specially for you
This is a card Lorraine has made for her dear friend. Such a lovely card!

Designer: Piali
Stamp Used: Splash of fun Candace
Now let's not forget about the Splash of fun stamps! It's summer time! Who doesn't wish they can have splashes of fun just like Candace?

I hope you enjoyed seeing these beautiful cards! Please come by my NEW SHOP! You can new download the digital stamps right after you make your purchase. =)
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