Saturday, September 18, 2010

My first Youtube Video!! - Tea Party!

Good morning everyone! I'm so excited today because I've done quite a few of "my first time" things yesterday and today. First of all! I've finally used my nesties for the first time! (I know that sounds kinda odd.... yup... my first time using nesties...LOL.. I'm still have newbie to scrapbooking) Anyways... I ended up falling in love with them like most of you did.. LOL

Here are the cards:

Designer: Natalie
Stamps Used: Tea Party

The second thing I've done was baking cookies!! And drew on them with icing sugar!! It was so much fun!! These cookies are perfect for these cards, so I've put them together and took some pictures. I really like them!

The last but not least.... I'm very excited to let you know that I've made my very first YouTube video!! It was lots of fun making the video.. I've used iMovie to edit the film. It is such a short film but it took me around 3 hours to make it.... LOL So I hope you will enjoy watching it. Please let me a comment or give me 5 stars.. or subscribe me if you like the video! =)

Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. Well done on your utube tutorial! And of course your creations are just so ever gorgeous! hugz xxx

  2. OMGosh, love the you-tube video!!! Gorgeous cards and yummy cookies, I want some, hehe!! :)

  3. Cookies are so cute and yummy looking! Hey Natalie, is there some places where there is a tutorial on making that sweet little flip-flap card? I'd love to try my hand at that!

    Great video btw.

  4. Thanks girls!! The cookies were actually too sweet LOL... gotta alter my recipe!!

    Hi Betty! I'm actually planning to make a video on how to make that card, I just need to find a nice spot where I can place my camera steadily! lol... (off to finding a good spot for video taping)


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