Sunday, September 19, 2010

How to make that cute little Flip Flap Card

Good morning everyone!! Seems like I fell in love with making films now! lol... nah.. it's not really that fun.... I'm not good at editing films and took me almost a day to make one! But I thought I should share with you how I made that cute little flip flap card. So here's a video for it!

I hope you will like this tutorial! If you happen to make a flip flap card, please share with us at our PCP group:

Have a great day!


  1. BRAVO, BRAVO, ENCORE!!! Love the tutorial! ;D

  2. So cute!!! love the tutorial so pretty card also...i wonder whether i can create such a fast my table isnt that clean like yours :P

  3. Yenni,

    It's not fast and it's not clean at all.. lol
    It took me the whole day to make this video. But I fast forward is by 300% - 800%... hahaha!!!
    And the table is super messy, they are just out of the camera... LOL


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