Wednesday, September 1, 2010

SpOooOoky scrapbook page

Happy Thursday everyone! Time really flies, it is already September and summer is already leaving...I think this year Summer is the shortest Summer I've ever had!

Let's do a little brain exercise to start the morning.
So Fall is coming up.. what can you think of, when you think of Fall?

I'll think of Mild wind>trees>falling leaves>orange (leaves)>orange color>pumpkin field>pumpkin!! hmmm..> HALLOWEEN!! lol... (laughed at myself right after typing these out)

Remember last year's Halloween? All the fun you had and you the funny moments you've captured? Did you make them into a scrapbook page like Yenni did? She made a beautiful scrabooking page with the new CCM Happy Halloween Stamp Set!!

Designer: Yenni
Stamp Used: Happy Halloween Stamp Set

She used 4 Little Bear in the pumpkin! It's just so so so cute! I love it! I hope you will like Yenni's project as much as I do =)

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