Monday, September 13, 2010


Good morning everybody! It's new release today!! We have a couple of party animals here enjoying their Tea Party! Looks like the birdies are having a great time chi chatting and Freddie is giving out balloons to everyone!

Would you like to have a cup of tea of coffee? Look at that cute little cup! It is full with love!! If you wonder where Little Bear is, he is probably still feeling a bit sad about the cupcake... haha. Poor Little Bear, he will be fine!
This set of cute animal party stamp is for sale for $4.95 a set. You will receive 13 stamps in Jpeg format and 13 stamps in png format a total of 26 files. The sentiments come in solid black version and also white with black outline version so you can print the sentiments on patter paper or color it the way you like it!

************Click here to see more detail************

On last Friday night, I was surfing the youtube channel and came across a video that teaches how to make rainbow cupcake. I think they look beautiful, so I decided to try it out! And while I was making the cupcakes, I thought of this new stamp set! I think these colorful cupcake will look great if I add some of the images to them.

So Wa-Laa~ Here's the finished product!!! I love it so much and shared them with some of my friends!! I didn't add any icing sugar on the cupcake because I wanted to show the color of the cake and honest I'm not a fan of icing.. it's way too sweet.. lol...I'll try rainbow cookies next! The images below are the cupcake making process.
I should have printed out the black and white and colored them but it was getting late so I printed out my colored version of the stamps! I wish I had colored them into different colors so that would look even more "rainbow"

Hope you like this new set. Visit the shop to see more details about this cute set


  1. Oh wow!!! They are totally gorgeous!!! Send some to me please and i will eat them all with great pleasure LOL ^_^ xx

  2. They are totally AWESOME!!!! Yummmm... :D


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